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Delivering on plans that promote
growth, profitability and
organizational accountability.
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Welcome to the CExOGroup

John Sherwood, Managing Director, CExOGroup

John Sherwood Managing Director

Having built a career supporting the unique needs of privately-held business, I could not be more pleased to introduce you to CExOGroup. CExOGroup is a management and advisory firm dedicated to supporting the leaders and capital partners of privately-held companies operating in the mid-Atlantic region with assessment, advisory, management and recruiting services.

CExOGroup exists to help organizations achieve goals, a process that sounds decidedly simple but is in reality quite difficult given the fluid and seemingly unpredictable dynamics of markets, suppliers and organizational resources. And outcomes mean everything. Just ask a founder or an equity partner looking to liquidate investment holdings. An organization stalled or uncertain with regards to its future collapses in value. Reverse the scenario and the win can be breathtaking!

CExOGroup is your partner in success. Give us a call and let’s discuss your goals.

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